brushes. Wipe with soft towel s, soft clean cloth with

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Under the condition of ensuring the safety of the surrounding environment, the patient is lying flat, the neck is leaned back slightly, and items (such as sandbags, towel rolls, etc.) are placed on both sides of the head and neck to temporarily fix the neck, dial 120, wait for rescue;

In Anzio, south of Rome, the ruins of the sea palace of Nero the Great have been the target of many grave robbers for many years. The site is protected by rusty fences on which beach tourists hang towels to dry. On a sunny day in May, a man climbed over the fence and dug with a shovel in broad daylight-no one came to stop him. Paula Pistolesi (PaolaPistolesi), curator of the local museum, said that during the Italian blockade due to the epidemic, three more invaders broke into the site, which has been remembered by grave robbers for centuries.

brushes. Wipe with soft towel s, soft clean cloth with

After washing their faces, many girls pick up towels to clean their faces, and even some people wipe their hands and face with the same towels. This situation does not seem to have much impact for a short time, but it is actually harmful to the skin.

Note: for pumps and water pipes that have been frozen, do not turn on the pump without waiting for the ice to melt, so it is easy to cause damage to the pump or mechanical failure. It is recommended to apply hot towels on the water pipes and then use warm water to rinse and thaw. Do not bake directly with fire or use boiling water to avoid cracking the pipe or pump body. In addition, when naked in the cold outdoor work, water pumps also need to wear “clothes”, can use cotton wool, towels, waste clothing and other bandage exposed to outdoor water pumps, water pipes, faucets and other water facilities to achieve the effect of heat preservation.

Before working, the operator should carefully check whether the equipment meets the requirements of the regulations. Clean and dry towels are used to wipe insulation tools, and insulation performance is tested by insulation tester to ensure good insulation performance of insulation tools

brushes. Wipe with soft towel s, soft clean cloth with

Then use a multi-functional vacuum cleaner to dust from top to bottom, or you can use a feather duster to dust. Cleaning section: the cabinet countertop is made of stone Mesa, fireproof board, stainless steel, natural stone, log and other materials, different materials have different cleaning methods. Artificial stone and stainless steel cabinets must not be scrubbed with hard clean cloth, steel balls, chemical agents or steel brushes. Wipe with soft towels, soft clean cloth with water or with glow to wipe the focus of the household network, otherwise it will cause scratches or erosion;

Next, I would like to share some little knowledge of car accidents to facilitate timely assistance in the face of injuries. first of all, most car owners lean down the steering wheel of the car, and when there is an impact, organs such as liver and spleen are also vulnerable to encroachment. suppose that the liver and spleen rupture, there will be abdominal pain when massive bleeding occurs, at this time to prevent random exercise, in order to avoid aggravating bleeding, if the car is found to have a fire and other hidden dangers Slowly leave the car and transfer to safety, waiting for the paramedics to arrive, and the impact or other reasons may cause chest trauma to the driver. If you find chest trauma and bleeding, you should temporarily wrap it with towels or other substitutes to avoid excessive blood loss. If the injured feel pain, swelling or deformity of the limbs, it may be a fracture. If the injured are not suitable for chaos after fracture, they can wait in place for rescue and treatment.

Condyloma acuminatum patients used items had better not to touch, especially towels, basins, personal clothing, etc., especially to some irregular hotels, it is easy to be infected.

brushes. Wipe with soft towel s, soft clean cloth with

Uncle Gan was invited to visit the new homes of more than 30 readers last year, with large villas and small apartments, spanning all parts of China. Hide! It seems to be a consensus to hide everything that can be hidden. For example, hidden top spray, wall launching, embedded household appliances, wall-mounted electric towel rack, wall-hanging toilet, wall-hanging bathroom cabinet, invisible floor drain, hidden clothes rack, hidden screen window, invisible door, hidden pull faucet, invisible door suction-and the most hidden area is between kitchen and bathroom. These hidden and design, construction, materials, equipment are related, join the group keywords: design, construction, cabinets, wardrobes, hardware.