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Perhaps most people usually hear the brand Saint Laurent, the first thought is its lipstick, perfume and other cosmetics, after all, it has a very good achievement in the field of cosmetics. But Saint Laurent not only has a high achievement in the field of cosmetics, but also has a good development in the field of luggage, and its bags have a very good popularity and popularity in the market. Although compared with LV, Chanel and other brands, it is less popular, but there are still many consumers like their products.

The geometric details of the front seat are optimized and the high strength steel is adopted; the weight optimized rear seat system is adopted; the instrument panel is designed with modular fork bar and mixed aluminum; the luggage compartment floor cushion blanket adopts lightweight honeycomb structure; the acoustic characteristics and weight of the floor pavement are optimized; the support and defrosting pipe in the MuCell lightweight design technology of the instrument panel are optimized; the geometric structure and material component

In addition to the location of the computer, several other places have been divided into several areas to facilitate the placement of things such as cards to avoid all the stuff being mixed up in the bag. You can also take it with you when you go out on weekdays, in addition to its large capacity and reasonable zoning design. The strap satchel is also well compatible with the suitcase, and when pulling the luggage, the bag can be firmly secured through the pull rod through the area on the back of the bag, so the burden is much less.

It is widely used in high-grade furniture, household appliances, instruments, craft gifts, wood products, glass ceramics, building waterproofing, carpet mezzanine, sound insulation, travel luggage, fine spare parts, all kinds of pipe heat preservation and so on. Rock wool insulation board products are suitable for thermal insulation and sound insulation of industrial equipment, buildings, ships and so on.

lining materials, electronic products, luggage backpads, tourism products,

Sissy: bag, gold belt at night + first-class photographer in the snow field. The EQ of the bag is very high, and it will silently help girls with their luggage and take care of girls who are physically exhausted when hiking. Of course, the story of the bag has always been hard for me to forget, ridiculous ~

On this National Day trip, in addition to the regular luggage of the whole family, I also took my camping equipment with me. The car is quite fit, and the ride space is also very comfortable. After a long ride, my wife and children rest in the back row. Take advantage of this self-driving trip, but also held a camping picnic, recommend to everyone Yuanyuan Wonderland, is a good place for camping picnic, the photo is also very beautiful. Here we use the reverse charging function of Zero run C11 to do a little barbecue, boil water and make tea, which is very comfortable.

The traditional packing essential material of pearl cotton with meticulous quantity is carried out relatively, no matter it is on the net weight or the quoted price of the goods sold has more significant advantages, because the key of pearl cotton is made of very fine foam essential materials, so it has the advantage of a full range of varieties, and because pearl cotton is being made without its very good manufacturing process and how much money and noble essential material cost. Therefore, the selling price of its waste products will be relatively effective and cost-effective. Foam is odorless, tasteless and pollution-free in line with the requirements of environmental protection, but also because of its waterproof, shockproof, anti-corrosion, sound insulation, thermal insulation and other properties have been widely used in cosmetic packaging lining materials, electronic products, luggage backpads, tourism products, outdoor products, kneeling mats, freezers, jewelry, hardware and many other fields.