clean with a dry towel . Generally, one spray

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Many girls routinely wipe their faces with towels after washing their faces. But in the future, try not to do it again. Towels will not only hide and proliferate some bacteria, but also cause acne on our skin and keep our mouth shut. Some even have allergies. Moreover, I would not have thought that there was something wrong with the towels, coupled with the great work pressure and tight time of modern people, they would not sterilize the towels properly at all.

clean with a dry towel . Generally, one spray

The mobile car floor mats placed in the car are usually made of plastic glue or man-made fiber, which can be taken out of the car and cleaned. For mats that are not too dirty, clean them with high-pressure water and dry them in the sun. For the dirtier mats, you can first spray the appropriate cleaning liquid, then clean with a brush, and finally clean with water. The car carpet is basically glued into one with the car floor, which is more difficult to remove and clean. the vacuum cleaner with the brush head can be solved by vacuuming first. for the elimination of mud and sand and sundries in the depths of the carpet, you should first brush it out with a hard brush and then absorb it. Then spray the appropriate special-purpose detergent, clean with the brush, and finally use the washed towel to absorb the excess detergent will become very neat.

At 09:10, when the class was over, the alarm sounded and the students immediately covered their mouths and noses with wet towels or books. Take refuge at the desk for about 10 seconds, try to lower your body, and quickly leave the classroom downstairs on the right side of the corridor in an orderly manner. One student in each class is arranged to turn off the classroom power. After arriving at the downstairs square, he quickly ran to the playground to do exercises, still crouching on the ground with books in his hands over his mouth and nose.

Mom: double-check that there are not enough clothes for myself, baby and husband in the suitcase. And whether portable battery, slippers, towels, bath towels, water cups, bed sheets, sunscreen, water cups, alcoholic cotton, band-aids, anti-inflammatory drugs, toiletries, toilet mats and so on.

Xiaoyu was frightened, but immediately remembered the safety knowledge he had learned in school. He took the rag next to him, wiped the oil away, and let his brother keep flushing in the sink. He called his mother hurriedly. After hearing the news, his mother rushed home. Xiaoyu took his younger brother to the hospital with his father and Xiaoyu. When he left, Xiaoyu prepared a towel wrapped with frost in the refrigerator and wrapped it for his younger brother.

There are many special antifogging agents for automobile glass, which can effectively prevent fog in the car. Its usage is to scrub the inside of the windshield first, then spray the antifogging agent on it, dry it for 1-2 minutes, and then wipe it clean with a dry towel. Generally, one spray can prevent fog for 5 to 7 days.