one cup and one towel for each person, and

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One day, the boy took the girl to a small lake on the prairie, unfolded a long red towel, and then carefully took out a delicate teacup and a bag of tea from his pocket, ready to make tea for the girl. The girl was surprised to see the scene and asked, “Why are you making tea?”

??? Consumables replenishment inventory: the consumables used by the hotel need to be replenished regularly, so hotel staff usually spend a lot of time determining which items need to be replenished in stock, including soap, towels and toilet paper in public toilets; towels, wet towels, drinking water in gyms and swimming pools; printing paper and toner in business centers; mini-bars in guest rooms, and even liquid soap dispensers.

During the activity, the chairmen of the sub-trade unions handed mung beans, tea, rock sugar, towels and other summer products to the broad masses of workers to send them “refreshing summer”, and urged everyone to pay attention to summer prevention and cooling in their work, do a good job in safety protection, reasonably arrange work and rest time, strengthen emergency education on all kinds of summer risks for front-line personnel, ensure that all work is in order, and ensure the safety of workers.

Instead of telling my family my judgment, I began to ask my son after school to help me pick up all kinds of things I needed in the hospital. at this time, my mother was cooking dinner, and my father came back after a walk. he asked me what I was going to do. I said that I would go to the hospital for emergency examination when my husband came back. I judged that I might have a blood clot. after hearing this, my father began to help me sort out my things, hospital slippers and toothbrushes with my son. Towels, paper towels, quilts for escorts and so on are almost ready. Then I called my husband and told him to drive me to the hospital when he came back from work.

5. Conscientiously do a good job in cleaning and disinfection to create a good campus environment. Strictly carry out the daily sanitary disinfection work in the class, implement the special system of one cup and one towel for each person, and make marks to disinfect mouth cups and towels for every meal; regularly use ultraviolet rays in the air and sunlight to disinfect some toys, books and quilts that are not suitable for cleaning; timely change bedding, pillowcases and air drying (at least once every two weeks); ultraviolet light is used to disinfect the whole classroom regularly every day.

Therefore, Xia Fen suggested that infants and young children should try not to come into contact with electronic products, and school-age children should control the time of learning during holidays, reduce the time spent with their eyes at close range, create suitable light for children to read, and master the correct reading posture. To strictly control the time your children spend playing with electronic products, blink more when watching electronic products. If your eyes are dry, try using artificial tear drops and hot compress with wet towels. Participate in more healthy outdoor activities, such as playing table tennis, badminton, etc., reduce eye intensity, let eyes get rest, effectively prevent myopia. Finally, once the child is found squinting, or rubbing or blinking, parents should take them to the hospital for examination in time.

one cup and one towel for each person, and